101589 'Artephius'


  • Serial Number: 101589CAL.
  • Name: Artephius.
  • Known Aliases: The Dread Harvester, The Second Alchemist, Harvester, A. Doktor.
  • Place of Birth: Unknown, The Prime Material Plane.
  • Date of Birth: Unknown, but estimates put 101589 at several thousand years old.
  • Height: 6’2" normally, 7’3" in mutagenic form.
  • Weight: 160lbs. normally, 210lbs. in mutagenic form.
  • Taxonomy: 101589 is understood to be a tiefling descended from an Abysmyth due to his immunity to spells that do not affect Outsiders and apparent aquatic features, though he has modified himself to the point where the classification becomes almost meaningless.
  • Action Order: Terminate with extreme prejudice.
  • Assigned Personnel: Senior Troubleshooter Knight.

Social Details

  • Family: None.
  • Place of Work: None – itinerant.
  • Known Associates: Captain Avery of Ship and her crew (ref. 2548963CAL); The Vanguard (ref. 2549101GOI); Skindancer the Necromancer (no dossier).
  • Beliefs: Nihilism, Anti-Theism.


Description (Normal): A tall, spindly humanoid with webbed, clawed hands and serrated teeth. All of 101589’s other features are obscured by bandages covering almost his entire body. Those sections that are not covered display countless eyes, and rents in his clothing also facilitate this panoptical view. 101589 has an accent from a little-known Bregorian (Prime Material Plane) dialect, and has been observed to be strictly vegetarian in this form.

Description (Mutagenic Form): A towering, spindly being reminiscent of an Abysmyth Herald, with four arms tipped with massive claws and a head like an angler fish, complete with a lure and gnashing teeth. 101589’s mutagenic form has a much greater bulk than his normal form, causing many of his bandages to unwind, revealing tough, shark-like hide. 101589’s voice in this form is rougher than in his normal form, likely due to the physiological changes his head undergoes. In the aftermath of a conflict he has participated in, it has been reported that he will gorge himself on the bodies of his foes.


Capabilities (Normal): Primarily, 101589 is an alchemist of great skill and experience. Additionally, he feels no pain, cannot easily be magically restrained, is totally immune to the effects of cold, and is somewhat resistant to fire. These capabilities are believed to stem from a combination of the third-degree burns covering his body, and a procedure he performed on himself at some point in the past where he embalmed himself. 101589 also drinks alchemical extracts regularly that reduce some of the impact of non-energy attacks to merely painful strikes (which he doesn’t feel), make him very difficult to scry or detect his philosophical associations, and immediately call a Fire Shield onto himself. Through his alchemy, he is able to gain resistances to other forms of energy damage, enhanced bite and claw attacks, and vastly increased speed. 101589 rarely initiates conflict outside of his mutagenic form, though his actions often incite it in others. In combat, 101589 is able to use his medical knowledge to great effect, surgically dismantling combatants who are surprised, debilitated, or unaware of his presence, though this expertise appears to come at the expense of alchemical explosive use. Recently, 101589 is understood to have gained the capability to enhance himself with many of these alchemical extracts simultaneously, through a set of specialised gloves possessed by himself and his familiar. 101589’s psyche appears to be greatly damaged resulting in extreme paranoia, but also rendering him somewhat vulnerable to attack vectors that target his will, though his physical constitution and reflexes have been greatly enhanced by his experimentation.

Capabilities (Mutagenic Form): When threatened with violence, 101589 will either try to escape, or mutate into this form (either spontaneously or via a mutagen). In his mutagenic form, 101589’s aversion to violence is totally absent, and his combat capabilities are drastically enhanced. He is able to adapt to any environment, gaining powers of flight, swimming or burrowing, in addition to an ability to sense hidden creatures and an animalistic flurry of blows with his four arms and bite. His reflexes are also enhanced to the same level as some demon lords, making him very difficult to strike. The qualities described here are in addition to those he possesses in his normal form.

History and Rap Sheet

Known History: 101589 is believed to have been the apprentice of one of, if not the first alchemist on the Prime Material Plane. This period is not well documented, however it is understood that they had a falling out, resulting in 101589’s comprehensive burns. 101589 has primarily wandered Bregoria, with occasional forays into other planes, typically presenting himself as a wandering doctor and alchemist (actually naming himself ‘A. Doktor’). A common assumption among his victims is that he could not possibly be as bad as he appears to be, and he exploits this attitude to ply his trade. At first, he will use his alchemical and surgical skills to heal the ills of the village and thereby gain acceptance, but as time goes by he will branch out into bizarre experiments. These include exploiting the local fauna to make amalgamated abominations that terrorise the region, altering his patients in a similar manner to how he has altered himself (mutations, embalming, additional limbs, additional organs, burning away their nerves, implanting additional eyes, etc), organ theft, testing new strains of disease, testing the pain threshold of his patients, social experiments (eg locking two patients in a cell with a hacksaw and a timed threat to their families and each other and seeing how they deal with it), and so on. 101589 appears incapable of forming attachments, seeing living beings only as ‘test subjects’, either actual or in potentia, and thus devoid of rights or merit. More recently, 101589 was the ship’s doctor for Captain Avery and her crew and then, after their inevitable falling out, a member of The Vanguard. Throughout, 101589 has expressed great hatred of the gods, albeit for inconsistent reasons varying from ‘divine magic is ruining medicine’ to just an intense personal dislike.

Crimes (Summary of the Summary):

  • 100+ counts of blackmail.
  • 8000+ counts of theft.
  • 700+ counts of armed robbery.
  • 900+ counts of arson.
  • 16000+ counts of assault.
  • 12000+ counts of grievous bodily harm.
  • 30000+ counts of murder (a mixture of plagues, malpractice and personal assaults).
  • 10000+ counts of cannibalism (debatable, with reference to 101589’s species)
  • General war crimes.
  • General crimes against sentience and sapience.
  • Innumerable counts of malpractice, performing a medical procedure without the patient’s consent, and operating without a medical licence (in any known jurisdiction, during any known time period).

101589 'Artephius'

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