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  • Zephyr

    Pink haired, winged gnome, wears full plate patterned in motley with a helmet shaped like a laughing face. Ate at least one of the [[Arcana | Arcana]] Seen working with a Xi-Xian monk named Tempest. Seen working with [[Gus | Gus]] Seems to …

  • Ingrid Forestwalker

    Gnome ([[Dwarvheim | Dwarf]]) Cleric of [[Palantir | Palantir]]. 'Cardcaptor-Sailor Scout Ingrid Forestwalker of the [[Dwarven Clans | Rockclimber clan]], High Priestess of [[Palantir | Palantir]], Sailor of the Great Seas, Tome Raider Extraordinare, …

  • Gretchen

    A young gnomish girl pink of hair. Approximately four years old. Picked up at a market stall in [[Hub|Hub]]. Ward of [[:ingrid-forestwalker | Ingrid Forestwalker]] and [[:razza-praugh | Razza Praugh]].

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