"Seek" Seeks Knowledge Through Power

Seek is a Bladebound magus obsessed with perfecting himself in body and mind.


Seek (Full name Seeks Knowledge Through Power) is a Bladebound magus obsessed with perfecting himself in both body and mind.

His Blackblade Po, (Full name Seeks Power Through Knowledge) understands that the more powerful its master becomes the greater its own intellect and power grows. It longs for more it needs more.

Seek considers Po his closets and dearest friend having known and stayed by the sword far longer then any other sentient being that he can recall.

The state of perfection that he is trying to attain would render him godlike omniscience’s if he where to ever reach it, whether or not he truly believes he will ever be able to reach this state is a question Seek tries not to ask himself. However being rid of the defined ending that is his mortal life would be a first step in trying to learn all that there is to be learnt.

Seeks Masters

Terran: Ancient Earth Elemental from the plane of Earth

Guru Laghima: Ancient Air Elemental from the plane of Air

Vladimir: Vampire from pumpkin town in the Feywild. currently missing last seen running towards the summer fey.

Seeks Exes

Harley: Female dwarf from the plane of earth leader of Harleys Marorders Seeks first party.

Red: Ranger with a red hood from the Fey wilds, Helped Seek survive his transition from the summer fey into the Winter Fey. Seek left promising to return with a ring and never came back. (Seek dose feel bad about this, it Seems out of character for him. Or at least out of character for who he is currently. He always amused he was honest with his lovers from the Feywild)


Early life
He does not remember any of the first 80 years of his life, he knows that he was born Xi Xian, at some point in that time he obtained Po and that he somehow made it from the material plane to Hub.

He spent about a year on hub before managing to start on his journey, under Po’s advice he traded most of the memories of his childhood and life before hub for a 50 year pass to the Elemental plain of earth.

During his time on the plain of earth Seek managed to make a name for himself as someone who could get things done, he killed mindless beasts, saved trapped miners, helped a leader rise to power. The denizens of the plane earth are known to be the most distrusting of outsiders but when he left the plane after a mere 50 years he left a hero. He was gifted a Circlet of intellect a beautiful item crafted of stone and studded with 7 emeralds. As well as enough Gems and raw ore to fund his expeditions into the other 3 elemental plains.

He spent 50 years in each plane, his time spent much like it was on the plane of earth, seeking out sages and sword masters, saving innocents when he could developing a name for himself.

He spent some 10 years in hub between travels, relaxing, learning what he could from hub. Seek learnt very quickly of the value of love, more specifically the memories of love. Under the advice of Po he traded the memories of those he had fallen in love with for a variety of valuable favors ancient tomes and enjoyable activities.


Having traveled all of the elemental planes Seek turned his gaze toward The Feywilds, He dedicated 100 years of his life to the fey wilds, this time travelling as a student rather then an aspiring adventurer, there are many masters in the fey wilds and Seek wished to learn from all that he could. He very quickly learnt that there where faction too the fey wilds and that siding with one was not an option but mandatory. To keep his own life safe Seek spent hit first 50 years traveling the lands of summer, he learnt much from the Seelie but Po beckoned him, reminding him that there are two sides to every story.

Seek travelled into the lands of winter searching for new masters. An act which condemned him in the eyes of many of the friends he made among the summers. His betrayal wasn’t met with an overt amount of violence however he is not exactly “welcome” in Summer lands at this point in time.

After learning all he could in 50 short years from the unseelie Seek made one last trip to hub. Treading in a vast array of wealth he requested safe and permanent passage back to the plane of his birth the material plane. A place of such diversity and knowledge had to be explored eventually.

Xi Xia
Seek heard tales of the Immortal emperor of Xi Xia, such power fascinated him so he begged an audience. The guards of course tried to send him away but lucky for Seek the emperor turned out to be a moron. The fat dwarf was fascinated by Po a talking sword, and ordered them to stay with him in the palace as honoured guests. It was from the Emperor that Seek Learnt of the party, he also leaned that the moronic emperors powers where granted through a deck of man\ny things. Something so random and dangerous that the risks far outweighed the potential reward in Seeks eyes.

Seek had been on the material plane for 5 years when the sun went out. He was in Xi Xia to witness the riots the panic in the streets. The idiot emperor was nothing but a puppet, when the sun finally did rise again Seek decided that it was time to move on. A decision that saved his life. He was less then a mile out of the city before the memories of Vecna came back to him, The threat that he made to all the world, and the total annihilation of the city.

New Stuff
Despite his best attempts to purge his mind of all unnecessary baggage Seeks Knowledge through power considers two places to be his “home” all-tho it has been over 100 years since he has seen either of them.

These are the capital of the Plane of Earth. Where he is revered as a great hero instrumental in the Rise of the Earth Emperor.

And the Vacant Monastery. A considerably small Monastery adrift in the plain of air. Home to a small order of monks who believe that if one works hard enough one can ascend passed there limited mortal forms into something far greater. In the Vacant Monastery Seek is a brother of the order, merely an Acolyte.

The Plane of Earth
Seeks Earliest memory is shaking the hand of a small imp named Ostsan, and walking through a gate into a large cavern somewhere in the plane of earth.

His first memory almost became his last, not a second after he walked through the gate he was swarmed by elementals. The plane of earth is not welcoming to outsiders believing that they are almost allays thieves come to steal there riches. The battle was short the beasts outnumbered him beating him unconscious within seconds. They would have killed him were it not for Terren.

Terren was a truly ancient Earth elemental one that had attained not only sentience but great wisdom in its existence. It saw something in Seek, an almost childlike innocence that moved its ancient soul. This was no thief he was lost confused here to learn not to rob. Terren dispatched of the minor beings that has attacked Seek and took him under its own protection .

Terren became the first of many masters that Seek would learn under during his life. Tho the only master he took on the plane of earth. Terren taught Seek patience above all else greatness takes time perfection takes an eternity. He also learnt much earth based magic and fighting styles that involved raw power. The best defense was a good offence your opponent can only hit you if you give him the time to stop and attack you rather then defending himself.

After Seek gained the competence to defend himself well enough to travel the plane of earth he set out. At this point in time his only goal was to help pepole, Po seemed to grow in strength as he Fought. Fighting bad guys, as a would be adventurer proved to be both satisfying and lucrative. He made a name for himself as a man who could get things done, he ran with a Mercenary Company Harley’s Marauders working to protect miners. Gaining more and more of a reputation the Marauders eventually got court up in a civil war, one that turned out to be extremely lucrative for the Marauders in the end. They where all invited personally to the crowning ceremony of the new earth emperor and hailed as Heroes of the city.

Seek left the plane of earth with the bards singing ballads about him and enough wealth to funds 150 more years of planar travel. Although he no longer remembers the faces of the Marauders. Po off offhandedly mentioned once that his memory’s linked to Harley (The female Daworven leader of Harley marauders) where among the most Lucrative of the memories he traded away.

He dose still recall every moment he spent with Terran. Memories of his masters are the only memory’s he has found himself unable to part with. Something that Po dose not entirely approve of.

Water and Fire
Seek continued his heroic lifestyle into the planes of water, and then into the planes of fire. At the end of his time in these planes he was hailed as a hero although water and fire proved to be less valuable then the raw gems and ore of earth.

By the time Seek traveled to Air he was almost broke. This ended up becoming a blessing, when Seek arrived in the plane of air filled with vigor and fire for adventure in his heart. (His time in the plane of fire still fresh in his mind) His past entrances to new planes had been met with onslaught of minor elementals so he was ready for a fight.

What he found however was something different. A single monastery quite serene in its appearance. Many Sylphs tending small gardens or meditating, floating a short distance from the ground.

He learnt that this was as the Vacant Monistary a small place where monks devout to the Guru Laghima spent there days, meditating training trying to perfect themselves in both body and mined so that there spirets could some day ascend passed there mortal limitations.

“Let go of your earthly tether, enter the void and become wind.”

The order fascinated both Seek and Po, they begged the monks to instructed him, so that he could learn there ways. The monks led him to one of the ledge of the island.

“Cast off your earthly possessions” she said gesturing to the endless void. He did so striping off his armor, his clothing, the remaining gems he had from his travels, and his spell-book. He was allowed to keep his Circlet and Po both where deemed to be deeply connected to his soul spiritually bound to him and thus not meer possessions.

Seek stood at the edge watching his earthly possessions falling down into the endless void. “Now cast yourself into the void, If you have the potential Laghima will catch you.” Seek took a deep breath took two steps back then ran forward jumping into the nothingness. He fell, for what felt like hours, being tossed around by the winds of the plane of air. Falling Seek had felt something different something he had never felt before, he felt truly free.

After some time falling, Seek dose not remember how long exactly he passed out. He awoke back on the island in an itchy orange robe with a large incredibly ancient Air elemental standing above him Guru Laghima.

Laghima became perhaps the most influential of Seeks masters, his ideal of ridding all earthly tethers to ascend to some greater state of being became the groundwork for the slightly warped motto that Seek now lives by.

Wakening up in Hub
Seek lost track of time in the plane of air. He simply remembers going to sleep in the monastery and then wakening up on the floor in hub. Ostsan standing over him, the imp promptly informed him that his trip was up and that the robe was not his style before diapering into the crowds.

Seek stood in the square alone with nothing but Po and his new ideology it was here that Po convinced him to make the decision that forever shaped his life. "you can sell your memories you know, your connections to those you “loved” is just another tether, there holding us both back blocking us ascending."

Seek doesn’t remember much from the time between leaving the plain of Air and going to to Fey wilds. He knows that the majority of his memory treading happened during this time. He got his Arm before and his current spell book before he entered the fey wild. But the eye and the armor came after leaving them. He traveled to the fay wilds with a new view on life not the mindset of a hero this time but as a student. Wanting to learn all he could as part of his journey to a greater state of being.

"Seek" Seeks Knowledge Through Power

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