The Bad Cop. Deceased.


Here lies a man, let our enemies call him a demon.
Here lies a loyal servant, let our enemies mock him as a zealot.
Here lies a brother, let our enemies sneer him as a bastard.
Here lies Azavir. Let us drink as we remember him as he was loved, and let our enemies shake as they remember him as they feared him.
We shall remember him as many things, Azavir was our ally, our friend.
Let him stand now at Melantir’s side, and may her enemies learn to better fear him.

Tiefling Inquisitor of Melantir [LN] (Sam) – Perpetually having a bad day; gets ‘you look familiar…’ a lot from various devils; has a new pair of wings as of the confrontation with Avery’s dragon.

Died at the hands of Esmereldanomicon Si’Nafay by means of a scorching ray, and fall damage.
After being shot by a lot of kobolds

Made it onto The Board posthumously, where he shares space with Busta.

Personal Effects

Amulet of the Winds (+3 Fly)
Darkwood Composite Longbow
Healer’s Kit
Holy Water (actual holy water)
Mithral Longspear



Dark sun that isn't actually dark sun. Arkyte