Xi-Xian Melantiri Orthodox Church

Leader: Azavir Razza Praugh
The Xi-Xian branch of the Melantiri Church.
Still in its infancy, but the fastest-growing religion in Xi-Xia.

Priesthood: High Priest ( Azavir Razza Praugh)
Inquisition: Grand Inquisitor ( Azavir Razza Praugh). Merged with the Order of the Dragon.
Monastic Order: Head Monk (Razza Praugh). Merged with the Order of the Key and Scroll.

Foundation: ~200 worshipers. Currently based there.

6 Clerics
2 Inquisitors (Zeal and Hound)

2 Senior Librarians ( The Silver Underfoot & Lovissa Drake)
16 Wards of the Librarians aged five to sixteen, of various races.

Current Activities
Instructing the Clergy
Preaching to the Masses
Training the Inquisitors
Training the Monks

To Do
Write Xi-Xian Melantiri Bible, incorporating existing mythology and Philosophy

See also:
The Librarians of the Key, an order within the Ascended Thoughts Clan who encourages the worship of Melantir among it’s members. It’s leader Razza Praugh has said that they don’t need to attend the church to follow Melantir.

Xi-Xian Melantiri Orthodox Church

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