Tir Mac Shen

Collective name for the varied tribes of elves who live on the western continent, currently ruled by Sara.

The tribes were badly depopulated in a recent and disastrous war with humankind; there is still a lot of simmering resentment.

Elven religion is mainly shamanistic in nature, though followers of Palantir are obviously also common.

Ruling Family

In the case where no one possible successor holds more support than another when the time comes to select the next Monarch, the Tir Mac Shen Rite of Succession is brought into use to select a ruler from the candidates.

Other Notables

  • Puck (TN/obscured), representative of the court of the Summer Fae
  • The Grandfather of the Forest (TN/obscured), the oldest elf currently alive
  • Solroth (LE), head hunter (sometimes literally) of the elven court
  • Draigo Quick (LE), head of the elven court mages and possibly the cockney hitcher

Tir Mac Shen

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