The Order of Incarceration


An interplanar detective agency and prison based in the anarchist’s paradise that is Hub, who follow the philosophical ideal of Law. Its members are commonly referred to as the thief-takers by the denizens of Hub, both in the ordinary sense of the word and for their widespread belief that theft is the root of all, or even the only, crime (murder being theft of life, slavery being theft of liberty, and so on).


The Order of Incarceration typically concerns itself either with those criminals who have committed widespread felonies, skipped out of their home jurisdiction, and gone on a crime spree throughout the planes; or, with criminals who have remained in their own plane but become powerful enough that its authorities cannot or will not deal with them. The Order often works with local authorities and regulations in pursuit of such entities; however, where they are particularly restrictive or otherwise hinder the pursuit of justice, the Order does not consider itself particularly bound by them, following only its own interpretation of Law as a philosophical ideal (somewhat, but not entirely, as an aggregate of all laws).


The Order has a typical police hierarchy, with the exception of the Troubleshooters. The Troubleshooters are an elite task force reserved to bring in or execute only the most heinous and subversive criminals (in a category that already includes some of the most powerful entities in the planes), and are answerable exclusively to the senior leadership of the Order.

Internment Procedures

While the Order is a powerful and well-funded organisation, they do not have the resources to operate a conventional-style prison of a sort that would hold many of their inmates. Instead, offenders captured by the Order are kept in a demiplane known as The Archive. It looks like its name implies, albeit an archive covered in wards and peppered with antimagic fields and security checkpoints. Within its bounds are the extensive dossiers collected by the Order’s diviners on people of interest and those criminals still at large. The dossiers of those felons who have been captured, however, have an additional item: a gem containing their life force and material form, created with the Trap the Soul spell, to be stored until they have served their (typically multiple consecutive) life sentence/s.


The Order of Incarceration

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