The Nine Hells

The Nine Planes of Hell are arranged by their proximity to the prime material plane, the most human of the Demon lords being closest.

The deeper planes are said to contain beings so alien to humanity that their very presence would warp the material plane itself.

Odd numbered circles are often demons, whereas the even numbered ones are usually devils.

The First Circle: The Skybound Sea, home to Ulbecetonth and the Abysmyths. An unending sea filled with the drowned.

The Second Circle: Pandemonium, home to Asmodeus and The Freeshooter. It is an enormous city filled with the bureaucracy of the damned.

The Third Circle: Tlalocan, home to Xolotl, The land of blood and chaos.

The Prismatic Abyss: Formerly the Demonweb Pits; currently the home of godlike entity Fabricio Alvarado (patron of the Drow, being fabulous, freedom, and peacocks) and his colourful and vicious Eidolon, among others. It’s colour, all the way down.

The Fourth Circle: The Gray Fields, Home to Hades, the endless grey fields are filled with the violently mad, locked into order

The Fifth Circle: The Inferno, Home of Abaddon, filled with deceivers and ghost walkers, Abaddon is known as the prince of lies, who wears a mask of smoke

The Sixth Circle: Gehenna, home to Hel, Worshippers of Ralakesh who are not worthy or who are otherwise deemed acceptable end up here, a land of pain and battle, and endless screaming tents of badly wounded souls.

The Seventh Circle: Noraka, Home of Selash, A vortex of blood and suffering barely comprehensible to mortal minds, Noraka is known for the incomprehensibility of her motives even amongst the chaotic demons.

The eighth circle: Too deep, turn back, there is nothing for you here.

The Ninth Circle: ajdghfaogoliewo[ijpoopjieo[otpaj n?%$%^$!##~?

The Nine Hells

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