The Freeshooter


The Freeshooter (der freischütz) is on of Asmodeus’ lieutenants and his primary assassin.

He wields a large pistol stylised like the motuh of a dragon that hits anything he tells it to, its often called “The Speaking Gun”. He also wears a long coat, a broad hat and speaks with a slow drawl except when angered.

Shot out Princess Silthian Auraline Deraté’s eye after his attempt to capture Palantir failed.

Shot out the eyes of Palantir.

Is widely rumoured to have killed six men with one bullet, to dine solely on the weapons of fallen enemies and to have once single handedly attacked one of melantir’s legions decimating it.

Known to be relatively civil, and famed for making deals.

The Freeshooter

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