The Feywild

The Feywild has two major factions, summer and winter, each ruled by a crone, a mother(Queen), and a daughter(Lady),

The vanguard slew the summer lady and then reinstated a new one who was a bar woman they knew,

The current Winter Knight is Regicide Kingmaker

The current Summer Knight is Kalix

These two are currently desperately trying to cordinate their two sides into some semblance of co operation against the great threat that is the Twilight guardian who incidentally, was released by the party.

Major Locations

Samhain: Home of the summer court

The veil of flowers: former home of the many changelings of summer

Pumpkin Town: Lair of the Duke of Pumpkins, home to the many winter changelings, whwere the party recruited found encountered Artephius

Arctis Tor: Home of the Court of Winter Fey, including Ursa, Fenris, Krampus, Laufey and many more

The Feywild

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