The Competent Adventurers

An adventuring party, mostly filled with good intentions.

Made Squires by King Katana of Port Janus. Owners of the swamps and Teh Klown Drover The Cloud Dancer. Collective heads of Ascended Thoughts, Xi-Xia’s newest clan.

Party is currently stranded on the continent of Xi-Xia.

Current Objectives

  • Defeating the advancing kobold army
  • Investigating why there is no magic in Xi-Xia
  • Murdering the shit out of the Evil Dark-Skins
  • Recruiting citizens (esp. arcanely inclined) into Ascended Thoughts
  • Further training members of Ascended Thoughts
  • Building a consulate for the other clans’ ambassadors
  • Seeking the Arcana
  • Rescuing 30-odd pink-haired gnome children from evil drow man
  • Returning Evelyne Bellevue to her father on the Western Continents for a reward, or at least bringing word of her
  • The formation of a small group of Ninjas to serve the clan, with absolutely no ulterior motives on the part of the group’s head.
  • “Acquiring” that awesomesauce air ship
  • Storming Hell
  • Saving Heaven
  • Getting a reward from Palantir for saving his realm

Current Members

Simon Milner Baron of Ascham Keep
Busta, Deathless Skeletal Fire-Breathing Lizard Barbarian
Fabricio, Sky pirate capitan extraordinaire and the most fabulous being in all the realms (so ordained by Palantir).
Nima Zaman, Good vibes conduit with funky hands
Fitz, Voyeur Extraordinaire
Micah Feng, manic goblin obsessed with firearms, SCIENCE!! and her hero. Claims to be wise and intelligent, and is, might enjoy messing with people.

The party has also often fallen afoul of powerful magical radiation.

Party Favours

  • Owed to Asmodeus – Paid
  • Owed to Sulah – Unpaid
  • Owed by Melantir – Unpaid


Ulbecetonth, Demon Queen and mother of demons.

Sheraptus, a Netherling initially bent on conquering the prime material plane. Sherpatus’ vengeance has become more personal following the death of his lover, child, and himself. Currently a Lich.

Asmodeus, Prince of The Second Circle of The Hells. The party currently owes him a favour. Former owner of Moxy’s soul.

Zephyr, a mysterious, winged, pink haired gnome with an airship, who was up until recently allied with Gus. Direct competitor in the search for the Arcana.

Sara, Ruler of the Tir Mac Shen.

The Drow Enclave, a mysterious group draining the magic out of Xi-Xia.


Blind Girl

Retired Members

Moxy Charisma, sister of Silthian and Sara. Soul was recovered from The Second Circle of The Hells.
Azavir, head of the Xi-Xian Melantiri Orthodox Church; died in a suicidal attack on the leader of the second drow army marching toward Foundation.
Razza Praugh, Head Librarian. Retired to Xi Xia as a Clan Leader with his wife(?), child and growing private army of ninjas.
Ingrid Forestwalker, retired to care for her manic-psychotic soulless son and to take part in leading the Ascended Thoughts.

The Competent Adventurers

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