Sulah Murder Mystery

Solved, Brooks destroyed Sulah’s personality with the Mindblade and cut out her will to live, resulting in a suicide, Sulah’s body has been stolen, on an unrelated note, the sun is now made of negative energy.


  • The blow was struck from behind, in the darkest hour of the morning.
    • it was a single strike to the back of the head, there were no signs of a fight
  • The Murder Weapon
    • A blade wrought of the darkness of Sulah’s own heart (?), named Rybka, and used to slay her by an unknown assailant
    • Crafted by The Maestro using Sulah’s alter-ego, Sarah, which she uses to go out amongst mortals
  • Sulah’s Missing(?) Hand
    • Likely in the astral sea if not being used for some further nefarious purpose
  • Memories being cut out everywhere (the murder weapon’s, potentially Harlequin’s, the elf who was being possessed by The Slime King)
    • Possible with the ‘mind blade’ ,a singular weapon whose edge is so sharp it doesn’t fully exist in the material plane
    • The former possession of the Slime King has vague memories of an elf with such a blade carving bits out of his head
  • Palantir’s apparent familiarity with Brooks, as ‘Creek’
    • Harlequin seems to believe that Brooks, River and Creek are the same person, or at least shards of the same person working against each other
    • the ‘Tenebrous Conglomerate’ and the ‘Lux Group’ are apparently fictions borne out of the above
  • Creek was apparently active ~2000 years ago, wielding the ‘mind blade’ which can cut out memories and be used to create new beings using those memories

  • Fabricio (but unlikely due to alibi and hatred from other gods if he did it)
  • Brooks/River/Creek/Some other 2000-year old elf running around with the Mind Blade
  • Coldheart, the winter fey
  • The entire Shadowfell

Sulah Murder Mystery

Dark sun that isn't actually dark sun. charlie_banwell_9