Simon's Wedding

At Baron Simon Milner’s wedding, The Competent Adventurers (with the notable presence of The Freeshooter (and the notable absence of Brodie McBroodington)) received a message from an old ‘friend’. After presumably kidnapping Simon’s newly wed wife and killing one of her handmaidens, our adventurers found a note written with immaculate handwriting:

Her Majesty Sara of Tir Mac Shen invites the new baron and his retainers to a celebration of his new bride. Attendance is mandatory. Love and kisses, Queen Sara

After some frustration involving a pesky imp (who will be punished) and resorting to using a scrying mirror, our adventurers tracked Sara’s tribe in their airship. Following some re-acquaintance with Grandfather and other elves, they discovered Sara was working with Draigo Quick, the evil vizier-advisor-druid.

Upon finding Draigo Quick’s grove, our heroes engaged in short battle against Draigo, a violent gorilla and Draigo’s sharpshooting henchman Solroth. Simon and Micah did obscene amounts of damage, while Busta got caught in some vines until it occurred to him to fly out (since he can do that now). Upon death, Draigo was revealed to have been empowered by The World; however, his body appeared to have mummified upon removal of the gem, rather than turning to dust as had become standard. Simon’s wife was safely rescued with a possible new case of claustrophobia. She quickly retired to a cabin on Ship.

Avery, having summoned Solroth’s mother while wielding Delirium, was the confused recipient of a kiss on the cheek from Solroth as he futilely attempted to make his escape. He was presently tied up on Ship and left to be inhumanely tortured by Nima.

After questioning Draigo’s now mummified corpse using ‘interrogate dead’ our Adventurers discerned the kidnapping of the ‘princess’ was part of Sara, Sheraptus and the active Arcana’s plan to create a story and take over the world. It was also revealed that she is heading north, presumably towards the wizards tower..

Simon's Wedding

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