The city of Sanctuary, run by a merchant council, is a land where everything is for sale, especially titles.

It is a favoured spot for former criminals to settle, purchasing a comfortable title and lands to match. Famed for its beautiful architecture, which is a stark contrast to its seedy underbelly, Sanctuary nevertheless contains within its walls the largest and most ornate temples to the six gods.


Sanctuary is a wretched hive of devil’s from Pandemonium, run by an infernal triumvirate and overseen by a greater darkness… so largely unchanged.

The infernal leaders are The Freeshooter, who is nominally in charge, Malakar, the patron devil of slaughter and distant ancestor of Azavir, and Floghoggendoggen, Administrator.

Overseeing these twisted creatures is a necromancer and apprentice of Vecnaknown as Skindancer


Dark sun that isn't actually dark sun. charlie_banwell_9