Post-Competent Adventurers Timeskip


The Western Continents (united under the Bregorian Banner of King Simon) and Xi-Xia (stirred into expansion by the innocent urgings of the Ancient Gold Dragon Micah) are gearing up for war – two great super powers, now aware of each other and united in their desire for expansion. A third continent has been discovered, and whoever can secure the allegiance of the denizens therein will likely win the conflict…

King Simon Milner

The Reign of King Simon Millner’s first thirty years were peaceful ones, His Reign was challenged on only two separate occasions.

  • The first resulted in the shortest formal duel in known memory, described memorably by one witness “I dropped my purse at the start of the duel, by the time I’d retrieved it the challenger resembled a hedgehog and the king had already unstrung his bow and was heading back home.”
  • The second involved a older lord actively fighting the formation of a peace treaty with the elves, and refusing to release elven prisoners he had taken. He was struck by a freak lightning strike while indoors on a clear skied day.
    There were no further challenges.

The lizardfolk adapted quickly to Xi-Xia, finding their place along the coast acting as navigators and the first line of defence for the Xi-Xian navy against the slew of magical creatures that came to plague the seas with the return of the magic.
Busta watched over them, feared and respected throughout Xi-Xia, he knew despite everything that he would hear Nerghal’s laughter until his existence ended, if it ever did.

He was often seen late at night, staring up at the Imperial Dragon as it flew overhead as if it were his only remaining companion.

Fabricio Alvarado

Fabricio, as is his mien, didn’t truly fit into the the established heavens. He found his home in the Demonweb pits, former home of Llolth, becoming a subplane of the third circle. there he and his Eidolon became truly separate beings, and Fabricio found himself free to shape his own home in his image, free of all debts but one.

At first Xolotl was annoyed to have a chaotic good neighbour, but soon found the humour in it and his laughter rang out across the circles of hell.


Robillard found his home in Fitz’s new mecca, brewing strange potions for rich tourists, and putting on shows with his water elementals.
The wine flowed like water and he died happily at the age of eighty, they say every barkeep in the area felt it when he passed.

Post-Competent Adventurers Timeskip

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