Order of the Dragon

Leader: Azavir Princess Silthian Auraline Deraté
Concerned with external issues regarding the clan’s laws and safety (particularly the unsanctioned use of magical energies), as well as external recruitment of magical initiates. Merged with the Xi-Xian Melantiri Inquisition. Quartered in the Black Wing of Heaven’s Reach.
Typical members: inquisitors, magic regulators, enforcers, diviners, abjurers

Zeal-Of-Iron (‘Zeal’) and Hound-Who-Pursues-Relentlessly (‘Hound’).

2 Lieutenants (nascent melantiri inquisitors)
70 Samurai

Current Activities
Lieutenants: field training
Templars: learning anti-mage techniques

Order of the Dragon

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