Order of Flames

Order of the Flame

Represented mostly by those who wish to defend the newest of Xia-Xia’s clans, the Order of the Flame holds itself to the highest standard. The Order of the Flame is comprised mostly by the martial forces of the Clan, “The Red Guard”. There are five major values instilled into soldiers who join the Red Guard, these include;

  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Integrity

While the physical training of soldiers is important so that they may effectively fight any threat posed to the Ascended Thoughts clan, the ethos of the guard is the most important thing to be instilled into soldiers. The importance of teamwork and working as a unit are also very highly valued in The Red Guard, as reliance on fellow soldiers is the key to success in any type of engagement.

The Red Guard’s main focus is on the defense of both the Ascended Thoughts clan and Foundation.

Those of the Red Guard who show both aptitude in fighting prowess, as well as a strict adherence to the ethos of the Red Guard are moved into the elite squad of the Red Guard, “The Crimson Tide”

There are currently 372 Soldiers in The Red Guard

The Crimson Tide.

The elite fighting force of the Red Guard. One of the highest honours in the Order of the Flame is to be chosen for the Crimson Tide. Chosen by a committee consisting of the Lord of the Flame and the commander of the Red Guard (Currently Simon and The Rock Against Which The Wave Breaks).

Each of these soldiers is tasked with the most difficult and important military operations in the clan. While their standing orders are to protect the leaders of each of the Orders as well as the Archmage. The Crimson Tide are also available to carry out any missions which may require very skilled soldiers to complete.

Soldiers of the Crimson Tide understand that they are expected to move faster, further and fight harder than any other soldiers in the clan. This is symbolised in their motto; Roll Tide!. This motto shows their willingness to go into any encounter without hesitation to protect the people and values of the Ascended Thoughts clan.

There are currently 40 members of the Crimson Tide

Order of Flames

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