Librarians of the Key

The Librarians
Sixteen orphans of ages varying five to sixteen composed of various races; one halfing, four gnomes, a tiefling, a set of ratfolk triplets, a catfolk and the remaining seven are human. They were originally lead by male halfling rogue The Sliver Underfoot and a female human rogue Lovissa Drake. Now days both Silver and Lovissa act as right hands of Razza Praugh; an adventurer, devotee of Melantir and member of the Ascended Thought Clan.
Originally a street urchin group, they were led by a husband and wife pair of thieves who had settled in the small town. This nameless town was out of the way but still saw business of the O’Neil Clan which meant they had something to steal.
Most importantly the town was out of the reach of the foreign merchants slash thieve’s guild known as the Vostroiya which they share history. The kind of unpleasant history which means the Vostroiya would not like hearing they are still alive.
The group operated with some degree of success, though they were almost hampered by their caution. Silver in particular took great care to ensure they were not noticed by the local samurai and the O’Neil Clan merchants.
Silver and Lovissa in particular rarely acted themselves, knowing that most Samurai’s would have a lighter touch with children, provided they weren’t caught more than once. If Lovissa or Sliver were caught, they would be killed on sight, yet if they escaped a wanted poster might well get back to the Vostroiya.
However this meant that their best thieves weren’t free to steal, and they wouldn’t hit a score large enough to be noticed, preferring what could be taken unnoticed. They could enjoy a degree of coins within the safety of anonymity.
The shifting of the clan lines proved an unexpected complication; the actual clan wasn’t much of a concern though. As impressive as the magic the orphans were smart enough to not rob the tower; however the rapid expansion allowed them to pilfer more and more coins while being even more unseen than usual. Though the elder thieves kept an eye out of Vostroiya Envoys as the city expanded, the young urchins were free to operate. Neither gave much thought to the Ascended Clan itself.
They weren’t expecting anyone to track the urchin’s movements from the rooftops right back to the cut-rate inn Silver and Lovissa operated from. Yet that was what Razza Praugh did, his sudden appearance had cornered the entire group in the inn’s attic.
The penalty of thieving, particularly an operation of this size, would see even the children cut down. Razza wanted something else though, in need of those experienced in stealth and secrecy he instead offered placement in the clan under his command. Shocked that not only would they not be killed, but in fact have their power and opportunity risen with their status, they did not answer for a while.
Eventually Silver, Lovissa and the orphans followed the tengu ninja to a much nicer inn. Over a hearty meal Razza explained what duties they would have, their training, benefits, rules and what he hoped they would become together. Each of the orphans and adults agreed in turn, and swore loyalty to Melantir, to Razza but not to the clan; under the understanding they might well outlast it.
Thus they entered the tower of Heaven’s Reach for the first time, not as thieves’ but as members of the clan. They were given rooms, shown where the library was being cultivated and told to always avoid the sight of the painting of the gnome.
They would began training, as soon as Razza could convince Ingrid that he had brought a small hoard of orphans and a pair of experienced thieves to the tower for a good reason.
As part of the Ascended Thought they are training in the ninja arts, both guardians and collectors of the clan’s growing library. They are only expected to answer to Razza, and while they are grateful most aren’t sure whether they can trust him.

Razza (Leader)

Senior Librarians
The Silver Underfoot (Male Halfing Rogue 1)
Lovissa Drake (Female Human Rogue 1)

Unnamed Tiefling Female (16)
Unnamed Halfing Male (12)
Unnamed Catfolk Male (10)
Four Gnome Children; Male (5, 6, 8), Female (5)
Eight Human Children; Male (5, 6, 7, 9), Female (6, 9, 11)
Ratfolk Triplets; Male- Brown, Female- Black, Female- White&Black (All 5)

Librarians of the Key

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