Ascended Thoughts

Ascended Thoughts is the newest clan on Xi-Xia, founded by The Competent Adventurers. The clan is composed of seven Orders, each with a different overarching purpose. The different orders balance each other and provide a stronger whole. The overall purpose of the clan is indicated to be enlightenment, or self betterment; however, the clan is most well-known for containing the only magically inclined members of society on Xi-Xia.

They are based in the city of Foundation

Armed Forces: 482 Samurai, equipped with musket and blade
372 Red Guard
40 Crimson Tide
70 Templars

Important NPCs

Ambassadors and Advisers


  • The Rock Against Which The Wave Breaks, current Commander of the clan’s martial forces
  • Spinning Blade, an artistic young samurai. Very skilled with both brush and blade.
  • Evelyne Bellevue, a young debutante kidnapped by Sheraptus and rescued by The Competent Adventurers

The Seven Orders

Order of Flames – The Red Wing

Believe in the use of force to attain their goals. The backbone of the clan’s martial forces.
Typical members: Fighters, evokers, battle magi, magus

Currently headed by Simon Milner.

Order of Stars – The Blue Wing

Believe in mind over matter and creative solutions. The masterminds of the clan.
Typical members: Enchanters, illusionists, theologians, planners

Currently headed by Fitz.

Order of the Unicorn – The Yellow Wing

Believe in putting others’ needs before their own; dedicated to restoration and preservation. The moral compass of the clan.
Typical members: Clerics, healers, herbalists, abjurers

Currently headed by Ingrid Forestwalker.

Order of the Willow – The Green Wing

Believe in balance and the natural order of change; dedicated to the care and training of animals for the benefit of the clan. The advocates of change.
Typical members: Druids, rangers, transmuters, accountants

Currently headed by Avery.

Order of Scroll and Key – The Purple Wing

Believe knowledge is invaluable, even that out of the public eye; dedicated to the collection of all knowledge. The voice of experience and secrecy.
Typical members: Diviners, historians, bards, researchers, ninjas

Currently headed by Razza Praugh.

Order of the Hand – The White Wing

Believe in the strength of numbers and concerned with the productivity of every member of the clan; charged with the supply of raw materials and crafted tools. The craftsmen of the clan.
Typical members: farmers, craftsmen, builders, mercenaries

Currently headed by Content Not Found: busta.

Order of the Dragon – The Black Wing

Concerned with external issues regarding the clan’s laws and safety, particularly regarding the unsanctioned use of magical energies, as well as external recruitment of magical initiates. Merged with the Xi-Xian Melantiri Inquisition.
Typical members: inquisitors, magic regulators, enforcers, diviners, abjurers

Currently headed by Princess Silthian Auraline Deraté, following Azavir’s untimely demise.

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Ascended Thoughts

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