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  • The Board

    The DM's screen. Some say it was crafted from the bones of giants. It is rumoured by others that it is the symbol of the DM's bond with the infernal forces that secretly control him.

  • Random Magical Effects

    h1. Known Effects * Curse * Wish granted by presumably an efreeti * Eyes change colour * Skin changes colour * Hair changes colour * Lose a limb * Grow a limb * Lose an item of clothing * Gain an item of clothing * Grow wings of a variety of …

  • Artefacts

    * Tome of the Undergates: a giant book allowing unlimited plane shifting, dropped into a hollow mountain containing a primordial of the air. Then recovered, last seen being held by palantir * [[The Cloud Dancer]]: an intelligent airship/spelljammer(?) …

  • Sulah Murder Mystery

    Solved, Brooks destroyed Sulah's personality with the Mindblade and cut out her will to live, resulting in a suicide, Sulah's body has been stolen, on an unrelated note, the sun is now made of negative energy. h5. Clues p. * The blow was struck …

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