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  • Dwarvheim

    A strong trading partner with [[Port Janus | Port Janus]], Dwarvheim is the main home for the dwarven communities. Containing both an undercity and an overcity, Dwarvheim is growing increasingly cosmopolitan, many races immigrating to enjoy the finely …

  • Dwarven Clans

    The Dwarven Clans are varied each having their own speciality. Redcliff Clan: Current rulers, oldest dwarven family, named for the Cliffs above [[Dwarvheim | Dwarvheim]] Rock Climber Clan: Known for their Piety, often intermarry with the Redcliffs. …

  • Blood of Forge

    Third Clan formed, Responsible for the manufacture and creation of mechanical, metallurgic, and alchemical items for the use of all clans. Blood of Forge are famed for their inquisitiveness, thats not always matched by their wisdom.

  • Ingrid Forestwalker

    Gnome ([[Dwarvheim | Dwarf]]) Cleric of [[Palantir | Palantir]]. 'Cardcaptor-Sailor Scout Ingrid Forestwalker of the [[Dwarven Clans | Rockclimber clan]], High Priestess of [[Palantir | Palantir]], Sailor of the Great Seas, Tome Raider Extraordinare, …

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