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  • Shadow

    The second oldest clan, composed of Monks and Ninja. The Shadow Clan trains historians, bureaucrats, academics and assassins. While this may seem an odd mix it is quite often necessary to extract relevant historical documents by unorthodox means. …

  • Blood of Forge

    Third Clan formed, Responsible for the manufacture and creation of mechanical, metallurgic, and alchemical items for the use of all clans. Blood of Forge are famed for their inquisitiveness, thats not always matched by their wisdom.

  • O'Neill

    The most recent clan aside from [[Ascended Thoughts | Ascended Thoughts]] O'neil was named for the western trader who founded it. The O'neil clan govern and police trade throuhghout Xi-Xia and with their western neighbours.

  • Order of the Hand

    Order of the Hand – The White Wing Believe in the strength of numbers and concerned with the productivity of every member of the clan; charged with the supply of raw materials and crafted tools. The craftsmen of the clan. Typical members: farmers, …

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