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  • Order of the Hand

    Order of the Hand – The White Wing Believe in the strength of numbers and concerned with the productivity of every member of the clan; charged with the supply of raw materials and crafted tools. The craftsmen of the clan. Typical members: farmers, …

  • The Board

    The DM's screen. Some say it was crafted from the bones of giants. It is rumoured by others that it is the symbol of the DM's bond with the infernal forces that secretly control him.

  • Cult of Zilla

    _Leader:_ Slime Tail A new Xi-Xian religion primarily composed of kobolds; they worship [[:busta-1]] as the great God Zilla. *Tenets* # _Give all shinies to the great God Zilla_ That's literally it. !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig. …

  • Blind Girl

    As yet unnamed ward of [[:busta | Busta]], blinded by him when he fed her venomous toads, subsequently sent to the [[swamps]].

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