The Silver Underfoot

One of the Razza Praugh's right hands, a senior member of the Librarians. A cautious and calculating halfling rogue, skilled in stealth and subtlety. Husband of Lovissa Drake.


An unassuming Halfling, though such people are rare in Xi Xia he prides himself on being able to hide in a crowd and remove everything they wouldn’t miss even while he was hiding from a samurai. His silver hair, even at a young age, is rather noticeable though such a thing can be hidden with a pulled hood.

Silver is a cautious man and is better at stealth than combat, he carries a crossbow for the worst case scenario. Can be persuaded to embark on a daring adventurer, provided someone’s worked out a good plan, or if Lovissa is going in which case he while go to ensure nothing terrible happens.
Likes- His reasonable cut of the world, Lovissa Drake, drunk people (stealing from them is almost too easy), a good book to relax with, a large crowd, spiced pork (his favorite food).
Dislikes- The Vostroiya, observant individuals (a rare occurrence but they cause problems).
Librarians of the Key
Lovissa Drake
Razza Praugh


Silver is a man at odds with fate, namely they disagree about his place in society. Abandoned as an infant in the worst docks of the O’Neil Clan capital, covered under old rags and debris, the baby shouldn’t have lived past that night. It was his own determined wails that caught the attention of a nearby opium den owner, earning him a roof and work for the first eight years of his life.

Silver learned that the O’Neil had enough wealth that they would often drop a bit of it in the hustle and bustle of life, even more when they were in a proper stupor. When merely waiting for people to drop something proved to not be enough, he tried his hand at simply taking it. Using his size to his advantage he helped himself to what was in people’s pockets without them noticing.

However there were only two likely ways such a life would end, either a samurai would cut him down or one of the more organised criminal gangs would come to him for a cut. He was unlucky; it was a group of foreign traders who had been operating in the city, known as the Vostroiya they would supplement official and unofficial trade with a collection of trained rogues and killers. Obscuring their own existence by routing out unaffiliated thieves’ and publicly executing them. When Silver was caught he was duped into the sea with weight on his feet, in full view of the most powerful merchants in the city. Barely managing to break his bindings he hid under the docks for a full two days before fleeing the city, hiding in the wilderness for months.

It was by rubbing shoulders with roadside bandits where he met Lovissa Drake; they bonded over a shared experience with the Vostroiya and shared stories of daring ventures and hilariously botched jobs. Silver found himself enamoured with the lady but knew that trust was a luxury for the life he made for himself. It wasn’t until O’Neil clan samurai attacked they bandit camp they called home that the two grew to trust each other, fighting back to back as they worked together to escape.

They traveled together, heading for a place within O’Neil Clan territory but out of the reach of the Vostroiya. Eventually they settled in the small town which would eventually come to be known as Foundation, with a spare moment to breath they married as much as two criminals could with no money or ceremony.

For a while Silver was comfortable with his life however the sudden drafting of him, his wife and their urchin thieves into the clan proved an unnerving experience. The chance for power and position seemed too good an opportunity; the universe did not like him that much. He doesn’t trust quickly and Razza is no exception, a bird who calls himself a monk but carries himself like a ninja is trying to hide something.

Still he’s willing to see where this goes, at the very least Heaven’s Reach is a nice place to live and tutelage from a proper ninja is not something any thief with sense would pass up.

The Silver Underfoot

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