Shai Cruxis

A jovial and naive young adventurer, made terrifying by his rapid slides in and out of battle madness.


Having only recently turned seventeen before joining the party, Shai somehow seems to act even younger most times.

He is of obvious Arabian descent, and dresses in a colorful scarves that were once his uniform as a Bloody-Horned mercenary. His obvious weapon is a scimitar on his hip that is more often used for utility, but in battle he prefers his obviously draconic claws.

In the middle of one of his bloodrages his actual ancestry of genies, dragons, and adventurers is much more obvious. Horns grow from his forehead, drawing his cloak back, and his teeth and claws sharpen. All manner of elemental chaos reeves across his skin in a destructive roiling chaos.

Outside of combat he is fun loving and enthused about generally whatever we’re doing, in battle he is enthused about one thing.


Born in Hub to a loving family, his mother was once a proud paladin from a far off land on the Prime Material and a powerful genie with great but restricted cosmic power. There was probably an interesting story on how the two met and settled down, however Shai had never really thought to ask.

By Shai’s own measure, his child-hood had been normal. When he wasn’t helping his parents in the shop where they sold wishes, then he was running with whatever urchin street-gang that would take him. Though his parent’s didn’t like his constant running around, they were often too busy to be able to properly raise or instruct him in any better way.

Surprisingly being a kid searching for trouble in Hub prepared him well for the dangers and absurdity of being an Adventurer. The only life he could ever imagine for himself.

When he was very young, Shai would fall asleep listening to his mother’s tales from her adventuring days. Something she certainly regrets, as her son grew up with a strong desire to follow in his mother’s foot-steps as a great adventurer. His mother- whom was shocked that her tales of nearly dying in acid-spike traps or her companions embarrassing her in front of kings and warlords- would be an enviable life-style.

Their response was to double up on his time helping in their wish shop, and then send him to help with his Granny Kraddick’s late night business.

Particularly since his grandmother, Kraddick of the Volcano, a dragon who made a living as a sorcerer-for-hire and memory broker, had taken an apprentice. An attractive female tiefling that was about his age, or the tiefling equivalent. His family hoped that hard work and teenage hormones would be enough to distract him. It did not work.

Despite their best efforts Shai looked for a way out of Hub to become an adventurer. He found it by signing on with the Bloody-Horned Crew, the finest and most vicious devil sellswords in all the nine hells. Unwittingly he signed on for a three year tour, unaware they tricked him into signing his service for all eternity.

Without even saying good-bye, Shai- then aged twelve- began an eternity of service fighting in terrible conflicts across the hells and outer planes. He almost lasted three years, before a particularly bad snafu. In his first bloodrage he tore his commanding officer- Magial the Red- in half. This wasn’t too bad in itself, as the company was in the Feywilds at the time the devil commander would return to his home in Pandemonium, but Shai panicked and immediately went to a nearby witch to buy a resurrection. All he could afford was a reincarnation, and so- quite unnecessarily- the feared devil commander Magial was reborn into a new goblin body.

Embarrassed and now having to work twice as hard to inspire fear and loyalty in his troops, Magial the Off-Green made an example of Shai and left him in the care of the Winter Court.

It was only through a combination of luck, surprising durability, and anti-guile that he lasted his time in the Court. Indeed he looks back fondly on his time at the Court, having misunderstood most of it.

As a full fledged adventurer, in his own eyes, Shai romped across the lands and planes looking for quests. Falling in and out of groups he made friends, enemies (though he often did not recognize them as such), and occasionally reduced something living to a red smear.

When he fell afoul of the feared Avery, he proved himself funny enough to be allowed to live, and served as part of Avery’s Crew. It was here that he met and befriended the ‘misunderstood’ ship doctor, Artephius. Often having to be patched up Shai trusted Art with his life- and never actually realized that was a mistake.

When Art took a long walk off a short plank- a victim of one of Avery’s black moods- Shai was six seconds behind his friend. Problem is when your on Ship- capable of multi-planar travel- six seconds can be quiet a bit.

Whatever happens Shai will face it with a smile and take whatever weirdness in stride. Maybe he is just that stupid. Maybe he’s just crazy. Or maybe, he is right, and you’re neither as scary or as dangerous as you think.

Besides, what can surprise someone who grew up in Hub.

Shai Cruxis

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