Micah Feng

An excitable goblin gunslinger, became a samurai almost solely for the gun access. Mother is Fire Ward of the Blood Of Forge Clan, her hero is the traveler Fawkes. Currently a samurai in the service of the Ascended Thoughts Clan.


Short even by goblin standard, with oddly long but acute ears. Has styled her short white hair a half shaved haircut. Wears a half mask because she has noticed people are often uncomfortable when she smiles with a mouth of sharp teeth, and she’s always smiling, there’s just so much to be happy about.

Excitable and enthusiastic, and dangerous with her musket. There is a lot she’ll do to have guns even so far as acting lawful despite being the most goblin of any goblin she’s met. Though to be fair her mother loves guns and fire and explosions just as much, and she’s a gnome.
Likes- Firearms, Fire Ward, Fawkes, fighting, her mother’s famous stewed spicy rabbit, spicy food, Melantir, the Emperor (he seems like a nice girl).

Dislikes- That one dead samurai, the goblins she grew up with (bunch of goody two shoes).
Razza Praugh
Ascended Thoughts
Blood of Forge


A number of years ago an O’Neil clan merchant presented a gift to his rival in port over, a pair of goblin infants. Unlike most goblins these had been taken young from a goblin nest located on an isolated island, haven been raised with care unlike the more brutal goblin child rearing. There were almost precious, and at least exotic enough to pique the interest of the rival, whose name was Value of Redemption.

With one male and one female the merchant intended that his gift would spread around Redemption’s land, the man unprepared for the chaotic and destructive nature of goblins.

However the merchant didn’t realize how experienced Redemption was in rearing wild animals, having trained war dogs for sport since he was a child. Though a challenge he raised the goblins with the perfect mix of discipline and love, the result was the friendliest goblins anyone would meet.

When the goblins, Midsummer Feast and Morning Light, had their first litter their spawn proved equally trainable with one exception.

The runt of the litter was borderline psychopathic and even Redemption had to concede untrainable. Thus he decided that the merchant, who had originally given him this wonderful gift, hadn’t received anything in turn. Thus a package arrived for that merchant; contained within was a small goblin girl with big ears, just old enough to walk.

One fire later and the goblin girl were alone in the world; with no name, money or food and in an unfamiliar town. She rather liked the adventure of it all. For the next few years she lived on her own craftiness and cunning but mostly discarded food.

Her initial life goal was all but defined when the Samurai’s of the O’Neil Clan passed through town, the crack and spark of the musket ignited something primal in her nature. Coupled with the Samurai’s position that allowed them to lord power over others, which is about all she understood of Bushido at the time.

By sneaking into the Samurai’s camp and listening to the workmen (somehow managed to silence her giggles) she learned enough to craft a crude musket, and just before the Samurai left the port town she challenged their leader in armed combat for the right of a Samurai position. With swift hands and legwork, along with her crude gun piercing the Samurai’s armor, she was able to hold her own for a time.

However even some degree of skill couldn’t match experience in this area, and the Samurai General delivered a crippling hit to her chest. Content to ignore the strange event they left the goblin by the side of the road and continued on.

Were it not for the intervention of a traveler, she might have died that day bleeding into the hot soil. Patching her wounds the traveler brought the goblin with him as he explored Xi Xia, each sharing stories. Though the traveler Fawkes shared relatively little of his life in comparison to how much the goblin chattered.

Unlike Redemption who educated his goblins like dogs, Fawkes educated her as a child. A very curious and troublesome one albeit. He passed on knowledge of his fighting, but it became clear the goblin’s head was filled with guns.

He meet with a member of the Blood Over Forge clan, a gnome named Fire Ward. He traded a secret in exchange for Fire Ward tutoring the young goblin in gun-smiting, combat and schooling; he left the goblin child with the foreign name Miccae Feng, a brass symbol of his god Melantir and a promise that one he would like her to stand alongside his other apprentice. Or perhaps apprentices, she was rather distracted by the shiny brass.

Fire Ward’s methodology would be brutal and cruel to most people, but in Feng she found a kindred soul whose appreciate for fire, explosions and the occasional really nasty joke. They were a terrible influence on each other, but Feng and Fire Ward grew close over time.

When Feng was of age she left to once again challenge a Samurai, the two were surprised to find it felt like the parting of mother and daughter. With her mother’s direction Feng located the Samurai who had bested her once before, and left a scar along her torso, she did not lose this time. Indeed it was the general who was left on the side of the road, alive but burning. His position, was now hers.

As a Samurai Feng is required to follow and enforce the law of her clan or leader, in exchange she is allowed full access the best gun-smiths and blacksmiths. If it means guns then it’s an exchange she is willing to make, unfortunately many of her employers have difficulty with her personality. The Samurai institution has even more difficulty accepting her.

Still her skill in battle is undeniable, and her guardian too well known in the Blood Over Forge Clan, thus Feng can never truly be kicked out. Instead she is bounced between masters sporadically.

Often, as she was a child, Feng is used as weapon by vindictive masters being passed onto those they don’t like. Even Feng has wizened on and she’s rather sick of it.

When a scroll bearing only the symbol of Melantir arrives she learns of a new clan forming, bearing powers never seen before in this land. Among the clan members is a tengu whom she is asked to meet with and serve alongside in the clan.

Never one to question an opportunity for adventure and battle, nor a request from her hero, she departs for Foundation.
Miccae doesn’t like quiet, she likes guns and explosions and fire. Especially fire, but especially guns. The first time she saw a firearm she thought her life path was set, her teen-aged years were consumed with getting into a position where she could have all the firearms she wanted.

A position in the Samurai has always been her goal, even when she got it her life became a constant struggle to not get killed in a duel because someone didn’t like her. She couldn’t imagine why they wouldn’t, but Samurai can be a bit stuck up.

Her life in the Ascended Thought Clan by contrast, was one where she was finally around people as dangerous as her. Magic users in particular were something else in the explosives department, it was awesome.

However when she met the Head Librarian she started to remember that not all her life had been about guns. She loves her mother, but she can never forget about her hero. The mysterious wanderer Fawkes, who saved her and found her a place to live her life. When it was discovered that she and Razza share a mentor they spent a good night bonding over the man.

She would always disappear into the Library when her shift was over, generally very late at night. They treated each other like siblings, and honestly when both thought about their mentor like their own father, it was difficult to say they weren’t.

What she always hated though, was that she would have to go back to her bunk. Her boss Simon would not take any shit assuming he ever found out she was stretching the definition of a schedule. But when she laid awake at night talking with Razza, it always brought the thoughts of her hero to mind. She remembered a vague promise he made her take, something she had never shared with Razza, where Fawkes asked her to one day stand by his side. She wondered what he meant, was she going to stand by him as a follower, a solider, a friend or… a daughter.

Then her mind starts going other places, she remembers the nobleman who used her a weapon, living on the streets, how she never writes to her Mother.

Miccae doesn’t like quiet, she likes the sound of guns and explosives. When it’s quiet she thinks too much for a goblin, too much for anyone, and the thoughts are getting worse.

She wants to find her hero, sure he can make everything better. When Razza confides in her that he wants to stop travelling and settle in Foundation, however aware that his friends need his help.

Miccae offers a solution.

Micah Feng

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