Lovissa Drake

One of the Razza Praugh's right hands, a senior member of the Librarians. Enthused and almost manically enthusiastic, she is far from stupid and excels in speed and combat. Wife of The Silver Underfoot.


A red haired woman, tanned from her time on the sea and ducking around markets looking for a score. Quick and street smart, she leaves the larger plans and machinations to others, her ability to sense danger and plot an escape route is unmatched.
A fighter, skilled in the use of a rapier and dagger combination. She is good at judging whether she can win a battle or not and acts accordingly.
Likes- Pirates, swashbucklers, Silver, freedom, adventure novels.
Dislikes- The Vostroiya, treasure that belongs to other people, samurai.
Librarians of the Key
The Silver Underfoot
Razza Praugh


As a girl Lovissa were all but raised on penny dreadful and pirate stories, her little island community was a hidden cove used by pirates generally on the lam from the Eastern Continents. Her grandfather would often claim that her family was descended from a famous and dashing pirate captain, in reality Marcus Drake was a viscous psychopath but one that knew the value of a good personal bard whom he eventually sired children with.
Regardless Lovissa Drake was obsessed with the romantic idea of pirates, as soon as she could she stowed away on the largest pirate ship heading to a distant land with rumours of streets paved with gold. They sailed for months until a storm shredded the ship when their prize was in sight, through sheer tenacity and luck Lovissa washed up on the shore of Blood On The Forge territory.
Surviving by her wits, a lot of stealing and even more running she all but raised herself in Xi Xia for years. By the time of her adult years Lovissa had travelled all over the continent, however her dream of swashbuckling on the seas wasn’t completely forgotten thus she travelled towards the capital of O’Neil lands. Intending to sweet talk her way onto a sailor’s ship, however at the time there were few ships in dock not owned by the O’Neil clan. Eventually she found a ship belonging to the Vostroiya, foreign traders with a penchant of un-reputable activities. They agreed to allow her to sailor with them provided she sign a contact of service, however Lovissa favoured her freedom most of all and snubbed the Vostroiya recruiter. A rather petty man the recruiter had her arranged to be killed by a corrupt samurai.
Lovissa though managed to out-bribe the recruiter and the samurai left her alone, though she was broke now. Leaving the town under the cover of night she eventually settled amongst a bandit camp where she eventually met The Silver Underfoot.
Though she couldn’t understand Silver’s caution she did enjoy talking with him, and favoured his company above any else amongst the bandit camp. Her capricious spirit though met she never even imagined settling down with him.
When samurai attacked the bandit camp they were hiding in Lovissa, who was exploring the land, heard them on the road before they arrived. Rather than escaped she returned to help Silver escape, together the two managed to survive the night. Setting up shop in the town that would become Foundation, she and Silver eventually married and ‘technically’ got children in the form of orphans they used a pick-pockets and thieves. It wasn’t how she imagined her life to go, and while she loved Sliver there were times she wished for adventure.
Being brought into the Ascended Thought Clan seemed to her almost like a second chance for adventure, though less swashbuckling than she hoped. Out of all the Librarians she adjusted the most quickly to the Melantir faith, however she doesn’t frequent the large church and give’s Azavir and his inner circle a wide breath. She’s heard what happens to pirates at the hands of the more zealous of the faithful. Still as grateful as she is to Razza for this opportunity, her loyalties still lie with Sliver first and foremost.

Lovissa Drake

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