Razza and Miccae's Mentor; Melantiri Heretic


A red feathered tengu; he is adept at assimilating himself into any society, he assumes the local dress and can learn the language and mannerisms quickly.

Fawkes carries himself with a charming but aloof demeanour. In battle he fights with a lot of sharp objects and blinding speed, his style can be both calm and vicious brutality, generally depending on how he feels about who he is fighting. Is most probably no longer sane, alternatively he may in fact be very sane.

The mentor of Razza and Miccae, a former elite ninja and assassin of the Melantiri faith. Currently a world traveller and mysterious mentor when he can get away with it. Can never forget his vendetta against the church and a danger to any status quo he encounters.


The tengu Fawkes was born into privilege, the only son of a rich merchant family in the Western Continent city of Sanctuary. Unlike most such individuals though his father believed that his company should be inherited by the most qualified individual, rather than defaulting to his flesh and blood. As such Fawkes was left which quite a bit of time as a child when he was outside of school; he chose to occupy himself by exploring the city. A varied place he climbed the rooftops of the beautiful council chambers and fought in the darkest alleyway. Naturally dexterous and fit he honed his physical skill learning the city like the back his claw.

It was during his teenage years that his world began to fall apart, he family fell on hard times. The rumour was that his father had insulted the high priestess of Pelantir, and that he was cursed by the Earth Father as a result. It came to a head when Fawke’s mother and father committed suicide, though Fawkes could never believe that the Pelantiri’s had nothing to do with it.

It was common in Sanctuary for wards of the state to be auctioned off into the service of one of the churches.

The older sister Quill was sold to the Harlequin churches for one of the largest prices every bid, for reasons known only the church’s high priestess. His younger sister Feora was sold for a tidy sum to the Nerghal church as a chef’s apprentice, a more standard occurrence.

Meanwhile Fawkes was all but given to the Pelantiri church, as he proved so irate during the auction’s proceedings. The first year of his service was one marked with countless incidents of hoodlumism. Many times he attempted to escape from the church and the town; he would have succeeded if he didn’t keep trying to liberate his younger and eldest sisters.

Eventually the church sent him on a pilgrimage to Port Janus; he took the opportunity on the road to run off. As the church expected him to do, and was honestly glad to be rid of the boy.

Fawkes decided to take up adventuring to earn his fortune, and eventually buy his sister’s contracts from the churches. A goal made very difficult by the extraordinary amount payed for Quill by the Harlequin church.

For a while he let himself find enjoyment and purpose in the adventurers he made with his companion. In particular was the half-elf Monk of Melantir Tetranariwhom he found himself enjoying the company of, despite her religious affiliations. He also met the first love of his young life, a drow bard and ninja Kel’rar; they trained together as Fawkes learned the basis of ninjutsu from her and the importance of information control. He was enamoured with her, but it was never clear if Kel’rar felt likewise, or indeed just how dedicated she was to her drow blood.

One day Kel’rar simply disappeared, causing Fawkes to leave the group and travel to the nearby drow city of Berrad-Nezzar. Though he found a strong ninja tradition he did never found any trace of Kel’rar, after a while he had to admit that she had simply disappeared from the continent. Though by the time he realised the drow that were there decided that he had overstayed his welcome, Fawkes barely escaped with his life.

The crew he had hired abandoned him when things went south leaving Fawkes to swim his way back to land, for days and nights through the open sea. It seemed like a better idea than staying with the drow; however his stamina eventually failed him when a powerful storm swept through. The seas seemed intent to send him to bottom of the ocean when he felt the hand of Melantir herself intervene to save his life.

Fawkes remembers the seas suddenly becoming calm and shifting from a deep blue to a shimmering gold specked ocean, a large merchant vessel fished him from the sea and an ethereally beautiful woman watched over him.

When he awoke the woman spoke to him, proving to bit a bit of ditz if he was perfectly frank, she gave him the name of a priest of hers who was preforming dangerous rites to Ulbecatoth. As she said ‘If you maybe deal with that please, I’ve heard that’s what you adventurers do. Thanks. ’ Fawkes was quite confused, but he had been adventuring for a while now and decided to just roll with it.

Shunted back to the Material plane just outside Port Janus, he tracked the priest to Dwarveheim and discovered him to be the head of the church there, utilizing abook called the Tome of the Undergates in his ritual. The priest it was revealed had been promised Melantir’s portfolio and thus godhood, if he could open a gatebetween Ulbecathoth’s realm and Melantir’s realm, allowing the demon mother to destroy her greatest rival.

Fawkes assassinated the priest with the help of a simple Acolyte named Bumpo and members of the priest’s clergy who had been tricked and imprisoned. As thanks Fawkes enough gold from the Church to buy his sister’s contracts, with enough left over for a decent position in Sanctuary.

However when Fawkes arrived in Sanctuary and met his sisters for the first time in years, he was shocked to find that the sisters had good lives in the church. Theyoungest Feora had become the head chef of the Nerghal church and married a kindly baker, while his elder sister Quill was the new head priestess of the Harlequin faith. They were glad to see him after so long, but neither had any intention of leaving the lives they had made themselves.

Confused and angry Fawkes left the city to return to adventuring, however his lifewas left with no goal. It was his old adventuring companion Tetranari who found him and offered him work in the Melantir church, by now the rumours of his victory in Dwarvheim had garnered him a reputation among the church’s highest echelon.

For the first time in a while he found his mind being cleared, Fawkes became very loyal to the Melantiri faith, when the time came he was elected as the head of a hidden ninja order dedicated to writing enemies of the church.

For years he performed dark acts for the good of the church, however over time Fawkes began to resent the priest who sent him on assignments as his work became increasingly less black and white. It was the memory of Melantir that kept him focused, though it was a memory he never shared and sometimes wondered how real it was, after all he checked the scripture and Melantir was notsaid to be so… blonde. However it was what kept him going through his job, after a while he began to think of himself as detached form the church at large. His loyalty was to Melantir, and increasingly less and less to the Melantiri faith and its high priests, even towards his friends in the church Tetranari and Bumpo.

When he met the young tengu Razza he was surprised to find that he enjoyed being a teacher, he allowed himself to become content with his life. Though it was said that many of his detractors tried to have Fawkes banned from ever teaching students, believing he could not be trusted. It seemed that Fawkes could never be comfortable in the church.

The event that led to his tidy excommunication and disappearance convinced him that the church as a whole was not to be trusted. Late one night a high priest called him to hidden vault underneath the church, one that not even Fawkes had seen before. Within was hidden the Tome of the Undergates, the church had hidden to the Tome behind a veil of secrecy, magic and physical defences. The priest though wished to use the Tome to create a permanent gateway to Melantir’s own realm; he envisioned a great wave of faithful wishing to visit their god in person and he wanted Fawkes to be the gate’s guardianFawkes though could only see the worst possibility of a permanent gateway, he saw an army of powerful demons descending on the gate to attack Melantir in the name of Ulbecatoth. Even with all his skills Fawkes saw only one way to ensure Melantir’s realm would be safe from invasion.

In an instant he quickly snapped the neck of the priest. Carrying the body out of the hidden vault and to his office he violently butchered the corpse leaving evidence that the priest had been killed in this room after a violent altercation. He intended to return to the vault, take the Tome and find a place where it could be destroyed, however he was confronted by Tetranari who asked him an old friend to leave the Tome’s destruction to the church as it was too dangerous to leave in the hands of any one man. In exchange he would exile himself from the Western Continents, and she wouldn’t kill him for his actions. Fawkes agreed, not sure he could defeat Tetranari and not really desiring to try.

They found an expedition being organised to explore other continents, and Fawkes hired himself on as an able bodied seaman. Over the years he explored many lands and even other planes, Fawkes began to make a habit of mentoring the lost and defenceless. Often children he mentored a great many students, ensuring they could be taken care of before leaving, though he would always leave them with the ask that if he ever needed them to fight alongside him, that they would come without fail.

His last known sighting was in the land of Xi Xian, after caring and training the goblin child Miccae for a while before decided that she was better off with a life away from him and arranged her adoption by Fire Ward.

In exchange he assassinated a charlatan who had tricked Fire Ward’s sister out ofher money and home, which lead to the sister’s suicide. During this job he discovered the charlatan to be a drow commoner who hid himself as a native man, he tracked back to an underdark entrance before dealing with him. Though it had been years by this point Fawkes had to know whether Kel’rar could have come from here, thus he disappeared into the underdark.

He did return alive from the underdark after several years before once again disappearing, but whatever happened in that time surely had some effect. The question is whether it was the inhabitants of the underdark that affected him or if he affected the underdark.


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