Fabricio Alvarado

Patron of the Drow, Being Fabulous, Freedom and Peacocks


Fabricio, as is his mien, didn’t truly fit into the the established heavens. He found his home in the Demonweb pits, former home of Lolth, becoming a subplane of the third circle. there he and his Eidolon became truly separate beings, and Fabricio found himself free to shape his own home in his image, free of all debts but one.

At first Xolotl was annoyed to have a Chaotic good neighbour, but soon found the humour in it and his laughter rang out across the circles of hell.

Fate-style Breakdown
High Concept: Summoner Who Bit Off More Than He Could Chew
Trouble: Unrepentant Narcissist
Aspect 1: The Most Fabulous Being In All The Realms
Aspect 2: Occasional Megaraptor
Aspect 3: Sky Pirate Captain

The son of Igniferous and a foreign and very lost slave woman with the Alvarado surname, Fabricio started life as a servant in the Drow Enclave, largely ignored by his father and the rest of the Si’Nafay family. This all changed when, at age 15, he accidentally summoned a minor demon which went on a very small rampage before being put down. Following this demonstration of magical talent Fabricio was vaguely acknowledged by his father, being raised from servant status and receiving magical tuition. This obvious favour soon went to Fabricio’s head and he became increasingly insufferable to all and sundry as time went by, only being defended from his irate family members by his father’s intervention and by virtue of never having met the Matron Mother.

Eventually Esmerelda tired of his continued existence and engineered a way to kill him without placing suspicion on herself. She dared him to perform a ritual that she purported was a powerful summoning beyond his current capabilities but which actually whisked his consciousness off through the planes to a place of endless summer, verdant rainforests and mighty, blood-soaked ziggurats. He was swiftly captured and taken before a gigantic feathered serpent that identified itself as Quetzalcoatl. It demanded to know why Fabricio was there and why his soul should not be devoured on the spot and, after what seemed like days of frantic, sniveling negotiation, Fabricio managed to convince the great snake that he would serve better as a servant on the prime material plane than as a snack. Quetzalcoatl agreed and gifted him with a sharp, magically infused gold piece and the form of one of its sacred beasts, a winged raptor. Any being killed by its talons would be an implicit blood sacrifice to Quetzalcoatl. Fabricio was then sent back to his body on the Prime.

Dazed and confused by his new body, Fabricio blundered and flailed his way through the Enclave, eventually ending up at Igniferous’ collection of very rare, antique instruments. Unfortunately claws and acid are not good for stradivarii, and Igniferous was less than pleased, suddenly viewing Fabricio as just another set of eyes for the ritual to revive Lolth. Following this exchange, Fabricio decided it was time for a change of scenery and promptly defected to the Ascended Thoughts clan, running ahead of the various armies marching there.

Fabricio Alvarado

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