Leader of the Bear Tribe


Leader of the Bear Tribe and The Black Watch Mercenary Company.


Bear’s naming deed was having sex with an adult she-bear at the age of fifteen, he has steadfastly refused to change his name to reflect greater deeds, despite the constant pleas of his wives; rumoured to have some Jotun ancestry given his height of eight feet. Keeps asking Burnt Down a Town to be another one of his wives.

Bear ascended rapidly through the ranks of his tribe thanks to a combination of good humour, forceful personality and the ability to wield a sword taller than most of the warriors who challenged him.

Fortunately Bear is a very relaxed chief, and a surprisingly skilled diplomat, managing to broker a peace between the tribes thanks at least in part to him keeping an open kitchen policy for his guests, and mainly to him marrying the daughters of the other chieftains.


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