Tiny, chaotic-good Gnome - likes bombs


- Grew up in a cave on a mountain (not high up – a nice cave) near a Dwarf town/settlement/colony. Dwarves were mostly underground except for their marketplace.

- Ylimae’s parents were full on alchemist “academics” obsessed with their work (potentially working on something really specific – philosopher’s stone was thrown around as an idea but yeah.. whatever)

- They very much left her to her own devices but did make sure she was educated

- Ylimae was sent to the markets a lot to buy things for her parents and ended up trading/selling her own creations (hence the +3 bluff, etc) like bombs (but really it was mostly mead/ale/etc)

- At age 28 she was doing her thing in the markets and was snatched by a group of travelling slavers who took her x far away for x months (details, details, blah, blah)

- They weren’t aware of her skills/experience/anything; she was just an ‘easy target’

- Tried to escape by putting together some shaky explosives but was caught before she could get away

- The leader of the group realised he knew the perfect place to sell her – an adventuring friend of his whose party had just “lost” their alchemist

- Ylimae was given/sold to this party and was essentially a party member but was “enslaved” – just did what she was told and did not have the free-will to leave

- After a couple of years of this the lines got a little blurry as she befriended the party (two humans, a dwarf, and an elf)

- Ylimae eventually saved one of their lives in some extravagant way

- They tell her that they will help her find her way home after one last job

- She eventually gets to go back home

- Is home for a couple of years (or one year or something) and falls back into the same patterns as before but is bored crazy and her colour starts to fade

- Enter this campaign


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