Dark sun that isn't actually dark sun.

Adventure Log Three

Exert from Burnt down a town's travel journey

Day 7
…After throwing the exploding gnome at the dragon to finish it off. Our party collected some honeycomb from the surrounding forest outskirts (the heartless gnome proved surprisingly adept at the task).

We made our way through the forest and encounter some simple traps that looked like they were set for giants. The Bardic one sent himself fly while, messing around with some of the traps. It felt good to be surrounded trees again.

Encountered an Ice giant reading in the forest, sent the rogue to talk while we all hid. They appeared to talk for hours before the heartless gnome stepped out and we all joined the giant around his campfire. Seemed peaceful enough, shared food and told us he was the retired king of the Ice giants, Laufey the VII. Apparently his Daughter (strangely is also called Laufey) now rules the ice giants.

We were joined but a mute half-elf girl, she doesn’t seem to have a name, were calling her Voiceless, she seems cool. While the others drank with the ice giant, Voiceless talk me up a mountain and showed me an entire village encased in ice. She seemed very sad about the people in the ice (I didnt comment on the impressiveness of the magic, or on the town building so close to the forest).

Day 8

We began our journey across the tundra with Voiceless. It’s difficult protecting so many people from the cold, hunting for food and trying to head in the right direction.

Day 9

Regi tried to lead us in the right direction today, but I dont think it was much of an improvement. Still adjusting to the environment, the lack of trees is disturbing. The Gnomes are having difficulty with the deep snow, we tried a few different solutions for them to keep up. They should learn to Woodland Stride.

Day 11

Food is getting low. King thinks we should eat the mean gnome. The exploding one and I clubed a pod of seals for food, they were delicious, King seemed satisfied for now.

Day 13

Storm coming in from the North, dont know if magic can protect all of us. We Built an Igloo for shelter. I think Ive got the spells for this environment down, dont want to stay out here too long though.

Day 15

Storm passed and we set out again. Decided to go under the mountain rather then over it. Found a Cave full of mushroom and Myceloids (Amazing the nature can even thrive out here). They took us to their king, we traded our remaining mead for passage through they’re home. The smaller gnome showed them how to brew there own alcohol, they gave her a mushroom to look after, enough food for all of us (King doesnt like it but its better then him eating anyone) and a Mushroom hat (very cool).
The smaller mushrooms showed us the way through the cave. Got our first look at the mountain with the orb, its enormous! No Idea how were going to get it….



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