Dark sun that isn't actually dark sun.

Adventure Log One

More Politics Should Be Solved With Dangerous Questing

In this world there are three great continents; Bregoria, Xi Xia and Vanirfjord. For most of history they all had very little contact with each other, in this way there are peaceful. How long can this last.
In the library of Heaven’s Reach, the infamous sorcerer Klaus found his studies interrupted by an old elf named Brooks, who came with a job offer. Assassinate this man. Klaus didn’t have to ask for a name, only a price.

At the Emperor’s Hand coffeehouse, which in another world could be described as a Parisian café, a spymaster Kalix is met by a familiar old elf with a familiar job. He stretches for time, pulling information where he can, but a rebellious spark has him accept the job.
Across the ocean, similar occurrences are happening.

The mismatched friends Aeryian and Reino arrive at a café for lunch, and find their food already ordered and paid for, along with an old elf. He has a job for them, rescuing a kidnap victim for a den of thieves. As she is Aeryian is more than willing to help without any need for money, the more experienced Reino offers to take her cut.

As a loyal servant of his king and kingdom, Orin is harnessing his griffon Zenith to prepare for their daily patrol. Only for an elf to appear, though the knight is annoyed he quickly accepts the news of a kidnap victim, Orin doesn’t even hear a price before he is gone.
In Xi Xia, Klaus has slipped through into the target’s house with invisibility magic. He spots the target’s brother being lead into a study by the butler, in actuality Kalix who had disguised his appearance to infiltrate, falling in step he prepares for the kill as the doors to the study are opened…

In Bregoria, Aeryian talks her way into the den with style leaving only a confused door-guard in her wake. In her shadow, Reino followed hiding himself with an invisibility spell.

They were a few steps from where the hostage was being held, when the doorguard was chopped in half splattering Aeryian’s dress with blood. In the front doorway, Orin stood with a gore soaked weapon having barged his way in- and nothing else (he totally grabbed his package for no reason).

The arrival of alarmed thieves forced the caster and warrior to work together, however Reino quickly struck from thin air encasing the enemies in blocks of ice. A few seconds later, a small half mad gnome appeared and firebombed the entrance, because. Together the four opened the door and saw…

Brooks flanked by the rest of the party.
It was revealed that they had been scouted by the Tenebris Consortium, a group in the Shadowfell who wished to see a swift resolution to the brewing war; by lasting peace, a decisive victory by one continent or whatever the party could think of. Driven by money and the fate of world balance (some focused more on money than others), and departed by longboat for Vanirfjord.

Unfortunately this voyage only proved how little those on the ship got along, and how much they differed on the war.

Klaus and Orin agreed only in how jingoistic they both were, for their respective continents.
Regicide wanted to war to not happen, but his loyalty lay primarily with his mercenary company.

Aeryian and Kalix agreed the war should be ended peacefully, however the god-child showed a naivety and arrogance towards the situation which annoyed her apparent ally.

Meanwhile Yilmae, Burnt Down A Town, and Reino, had yet to determine where they stood.

By the time they reached Vanirfjord, little had improved. Though their meeting with Bearfucker improved moods, they had little time to adjust before meeting with the three high chiefs.

Aeryian elected to speak for Bregoria, taking the name God Child as was the tradition of Vanirfjord. Kalix spoke for Xi Xia, assuming the name Blooddrinker, after all what’s one more name for the list.

The talks proved two things, the Tenebris Consortium were known and respected in Vanirfjord as a non-aggressor in the Shadowfell. While the group learned that if it wanted to discuss anything, they would have to prove themselves to the chiefs.

They learned that the Jotun to the north, have been a bit too quiet. To find out why, they would have to venture into the icy northern mountain range.

In was ten days journey through the mountain, led by Regicide who knew these lands intimately, when they found a man freezing to death in the snow. Aeryian stabilized him while the party attempted to work out who he was and why he was here.

They found out that he was an explorer who disappeared over thirty years ago, what was more grim was why he was there.

The King of the Jotuns, Laughi now possessed an Orb of Dragonkind with which he control white dragons. Deeper into the mountain range he was building an army of dragon riders.
The explorer urged them to flee, and inform the chiefs to prepare for war. As experienced adventurers they had no intention of doing this.



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