Dark sun that isn't actually dark sun.

Adventure Log Four

Excerpt from Gazes-Into-the-Abyss' Log Chronicling his First Visit to Vanirfjord

Today the carefully laid plans to obtain the Orb of Dragonkind came to a pleasing fruition, with only minor setbacks. Surreptitious investigation on my part having revealed that to invisibly sneak past the deceptively bumbling oafs guarding the only known entrance would prove problematic, Regicide cunningly bade his shadow to explore the structure and provide information regarding its layout. Analysing the crude map it was able to produce, the syndicate agreed to allow myself and Reino to teleport ourselves through the door as it was opened to permit exit, thereby alerting none to our presence. Reino, being the degenerate he has proven himself to be, insisted on being responsible for “the ladies”.

Naturally, this was accomplished with great efficiency. Making our way towards the large open space – where we assumed the source of the faint frivolity that could be detected was sourced – the objective was soon reached, with only a brief pause as Regicide insisted on inspecting the “Many Sharp Things” (as any child could have guessed, the room filled with crude, oversized tools of aggression proved ultimately useless to beings such as myself and my companions).

Veiled by Reino’s rather useful sphere of concealment, we stole into what was revealed to be a dining hall, in which a dark, powerful ritual was taking place. A large being in an armoured suit of frost appeared to be leading the disgusting, manic actions of the ice giants; it would seem that this being was Coldheart, a Major General and very powerful unseelie. Next to him was Laufey, holding a staff containing the object of our quest, the Orb of Dragonkind.

Acting quickly and without warning, Regicide slunk into her shadow and struck his hand against Laufey’s backside, agitating her in such a way as to cause her to turn and strike out against Coldheart in woefully misguided retribution. While she was thusly distracted, Aeryian reached out and called the staff to her hand, and with great ease became the new bearer of the orb.
While it is unfortunate that the misguided girl was the one to gain this power, at the very least it is not the worst result to what could have occurred. With time she may be brought to see the crimes of her country, and if not is too naive and simple to think to ever use the Orb for her own designs. I shall have to watch Reino carefully to ensure he does not set such unfavourable actions in her mind.
She claimed that when she first grasped the Staff, a vision appeared to her displaying “The Crone” Athropos with every Orb of Dragonkind save the one in Aeryian’s possession.
It would seem the unseelie dein to meddle in the Material Plane’s Affairs; I must be sure to watch for signs of their intentions.

Escaping with relative ease via the same method we entered by, we soon found ourselves back at the mouth of the cave in which we previously encountered the Mycenae, from which we witnessed the impressive tantrum Coldheart appeared to be throwing, taking down large ice dragons with ease.

Travelling back the way we came, it was revealed that the path we had previously took had been caved in, the Mycenae nowhere to be found. After moving a short distance down the only passage left open, a clanking, elaborate golem appeared before us. Introducing itself as Unit 66, it identified myself as it’s target and invited me to follow. Given the atypical vision I experienced only a few nights ago, I agreed to allow it to accompany me to its master.

In a great underground chamber I met with Gemheart, and my destiny was revealed before me; it had been foretold by these constructs’ creator that a gnome unburdened by the trappings of a soul would one day appear, and that gnome would be the true leader of the thousand-score golems secreted below Vanirfjord. My manifest fate has given me a path, and I will gladly walk it for the greater good.



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